Dental Aesthetics Treatments

The Sa Pobla Mallorca dental aesthetics aims to better our mouth’s appearance to perfection in all the elements that make a mouth: Teeth, gums, lips – and in all the characteristics: shape, color, size and proportions.

Various treatments and techniques are used for this: dental veneers, whitening, gingivectomies and orthodontics among others.

However, we mustn’t forget that our mouth is part of our face. That is why at Ramis-Tauler, we offer you our experience as well as the professionals in Aesthetic Medicine who will be capable of providing you with a comprehensive solution that will help you improve other parts such as the lips, the skin and in general, boost your facial harmony.

Function of Dental Aesthetics at Sa Pobla Mallorca

We offer all the possibilities for the best appearance of your mouth, smile and face. Therefore, within the dental aesthetics at Sa Pobla Mallorca treatments, we study all that we can improve in order to act:

  • In the teeth: both in its shape, color of each one and altogether, the proportions and size. As well as the natural defects of coloration or irregularity, in addition to those caused by injuries or trauma. In dental aesthetics we also correct the placement of the huddled or mounted teeth, for a straight and beautiful smile.
  • In the gums, their uniformity and proportions. Treating gummy smile and drawing a proportionate and integrated smile.
  • In the lips: the shape, the size, the proportion compared to the rest of the face and the type of smile.

Dental Aesthetic Treatments Sa Pobla Mallorca

In order to act on each of these aspects, there is different treatments of dental aesthetics Sa Pobla Mallorca which used in isolation or combined allow for the achievement of the goal: Having the best smile. These are the main treatments:

  • With the DENTAL VENEERS we can improve the appearance of your teeth in terms of shape, proportions, size and color, etc.
  • With the DENTAL WHITENING. We get the color, the tone and the luminosity for the optimal smile.
  • With ORTHODONTICS we are able to correct the position of the teeth improving not only the aesthetical aspect but also the functional aspects.
  • With GUM CONTOURING or the GINGIVECTOMIES we can retouch its outline to achieve uniformity and appropriate proportions.
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