Dental Veneers Treatment

The Sa Pobla Mallorca dental veneers, also called dental facets or aesthetic veneers are small layers that are fixed on the outside of the teeth with the help of a cement or special resin. Veneers enhance the appearance of the teeth and can be placed in both upper teeth and lower teeth.

These layers coat the teeth and make the smile much more attractive, which is why dental veneers are mainly an aesthetic treatment that allows the patients to literally build their teeth according to their need, be it for health reasons (yellow teeth, fractures, unaesthetic deviations…) or for simply desiring a better smile.

What are the Sa Pobla Mallorca dental veneers for?

The Sa Pobla Mallorca dental veneers could be used to modify the visual aspects of the frontal teeth such as shape, color,position,etc … The tendency is to use crowns or dental covers on the back teeth (molars and premolars) for their superior robustness. A few common examples of veneer use: for covering fractured teeth, for covering the space between the teeth (diastema), for the correction of the shape of irregular teeth, for teeth enlargement or for whitening.

Types of dental veneers at Sa Pobla Mallorca

There are different types of Sa Pobla Mallorca dental veneers depending on the material from which they are made and on their general characteristics. At our clinic in Mallorca, we use Composite and Porcelain Veneers.

COMPOSITE DENTAL VENEERS: It is thin layers of composed resin paste that are placed and molded directly on the tooth in order to achieve the appropriate shape and color for each patient, ensuring the most natural look. With the use of a polymerization light the composite paste adheres and hardens. These dental veneers Sa Pobla Mallorca are less costly than other dental aesthetics treatments but their results are excellent. Corrects misaligned teeth, narrows spaces between teeth while hiding stains and imperfections.

PORCELAIN DENTAL VENEERS: The main difference between the porcelain dental veneers Sa Pobla Mallorca and those made from other materials such as composite is that the porcelain ones are way more durable and require almost no maintenance. Porcelain veneers don’t undergo color changes and their light reflection and brightness properties remain forever perfect, resembling a natural tooth.

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