Oral Surgery Treatment

Sa Pobla Mallorca oral surgery is the medical-surgical specialty that focuses on the prevention, study, diagnosis and treatment of the oral cavity diseases. In this specialty we work on a very complex anatomical area with a wide range of procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement or facial reconstructive surgery post-traumatism for minor or severe injuries.

Wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement or facial reconstructive surgery for an improved oral health and a better smile. We guarantee you that undergoing any of the medical interventions at Sa Pobla Mallorca oral surgery will require no hospital admission and will be without any waiting lists, ensuring the best results and the utmost safety.

Common treatments at Sa Pobla Mallorca oral surgery

The most common case of surgery at Sa Pobla Mallorca oral and maxillofacial surgery that we perform in our dental clinic are dental implants, a minimally invasive procedure:

– ZYGOMATIC IMPLANTS: Uses the remaining part of the patient’s bones, eliminating the need for bone grafts which facilitates the treatment.

– IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANTS, UNIT OR MULTIPLE: Reduce tooth replacement waiting time to its lowest, the patient, beginning from the first day, will have the teeth already fixed and will be able to carry out any daily activity such as chewing or talking and without any discomfort.

– BONELESS IMPLANTS: TISSUE REGENERATION, OF BONE, BONE GRAFTS AND MAXILARY SINUS LIFT: The Dr. De La Cruz is a specialist in the most complicated maxillofacial surgery cases such as implant placement for patients with practically no jawbone as well as an expert in guided bone regeneration and in cases of complicated grafts.

As members of the most prominent scientific communities on a national and international level (Spanish Society of Oral Surgery, Spanish Society for Periodontics and Osseointegration, Spanish Stomatological Prosthesis Society, European Association for Osseointegration and Spanish Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) we have access to the most recent publications, always being as updated as possible. Sa Pobla Mallorca oral surgery.

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