Dental Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal)

With the endodontic therapy at Sa Pobla Mallorca you can maintain your teeth’s health forever and with the best way possible which is very important for oral health in general. Endodontic therapy is the one and only alternative to the extraction of dental components or teeth due to dental problems such as cavities in an advanced stage or some kinds of tooth fractures.

What does a Sa Pobla Mallorca Root Canal consist of?

Within the dentino-pulp complex, root canal Sa Pobla Mallorca consists in eliminating the vital part of the tooth in order to avoid a possile infection and this way to make sure the tooth serves us for much more time.

Endodontic therapy Sa Pobla Mallorca is popularly known as «killing the nerve», what allows us to recover the functionality of our teeth while eliminating the nuisances and pains. Broadly speaking, it is the extraction of the dental pulp, the most hidden part of a tooth that consists of a soft tissue containing the nerves and the blood vessels.

The Sa Pobla Mallorca root canal requires anesthesia for the area to be treated and the procedure consists of three main steps:

  • Drilling an opening in the tooth’s crown area to access the dental pulp and treat it by use of special files and disinfectants.
  • Clean the canal and seal it with top notch methods and materials.
  • Restore the damaged part of the tooth by means of avant-garde techniques of dental bonding with porcelain or composite inlays. if possible crowns are avoided for patient’s comfort.

Our high percentages of success are achieved through the use of state-of-the-art mechanical instrumentation in heat-sealing the dental pulp canals.

The main symptoms that alert of the need of a Sa Pobla Mallorca root canal are: Discomfort when drinking cold or hot drinks and pain when chewing. If you notice any of these annoyances come to our clinic, the diagnosis of cavities in the early stages is essential to saving the tooth by means of conservation treatments such as the root canal Sa Pobla Mallorca or the latest generation fillings and seals.

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