Dental Implants Treatment

Dental Implants Sa Pobla Mallorca are the best solutions for recovering your smile after the loss of one or more pieces and in Ramis-Tauler we offer you different options for treatment according to your needs and characteristics. The placement of Dental Implants Sa Pobla Mallorca has many benefits for oral health, furthermore, it does not alter the adjacent teeth, since the patient will not notice the difference, after the placement of the prosthesis, between his teeth and the implants which have the same color and shape.

How is the treatment of Dental Implants Sa Pobla Mallorca?

The placement of the Dental Implants Sa Pobla Mallorca consists of two phases that can be carried out in the same session at our clinic, if the patient’s conditions permit it, be it not the case, a period of time (2 to 6 months) might be necessary between the frst and the second phase.

  • Surgical phase: The implant is inserted in the maxillofacial bone, it is a surgical procedure that, thanks to experience and the technological state of our clinic, turns out to be minimally invasive.
  • Prosthetic phase: the crown is placed over the implant and is fixed, providing great support and comfort. Thus regaining both function and appearance of your smile.

We use high-end Dental Implants Sa Pobla Mallorca compared to those offered by franchises because we care about your health and because we thrive to provide safe and durable treatments. Our dental Implants in Mallorca have bone and gum stimulating properties, they help maintaining health bone levels in addition to the improved appearance of the gums and the facial structures, advantages of the placement of dental implants vs prosthesis.

Benefits of the dental implants Sa Pobla Mallorca

For all sort of treatments of dental Implants Sa Pobla Mallorca – for single or multiple implants, for with or without bone graft and for immediate loading implants – at Ramis-Tauler clinic we propose customized solutions, tailored to each case and guaranteeing:

SAFETY and PRECISION: For a precise and completely personalized treatment in our clinic, we plan the dental implant surgeries with the help of a computer, which facilitates the placement of the implants in the best position as well as improving postoperative care, which we follow-up on by means of regular check-ups for your safety and trust.

PRICE: Apart from your health, we care about your pocket and that is why we tweaked the price of the higher quality dental implants Sa Pobla Mallorca to offer you a healthy and perfect oral mouth.

The dental implants don’t cause any discomfort or pain, for the patient it feels the same as a natural tooth. Some of our patients claim to benefit from greater safety and firmness in the implant supported teeth. The patient will thus forget that he has implants.

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