Dental Whitening Treatment

The goal of the Sa Pobla Mallorca dental whitening is to achieve a whiter smile, making the teeth brighter with a procedure of eliminating or reduction of stains. Using a whitening gel makes this treatment fast, easy, safe and very effective since the results are quickly visible.

Sa Pobla Mallorca dental whitening procedure

There are a few individually related factors that make different people have differently colored teeth but there are also external factors such as daily life substances like coffee, tobacco, tea or some medication that stain our teeth and leave them looking neglected.

Sa Pobla Mallorca whitening is the most simple technique for teeth color reduction (by many tones), leading to wither and more shiny teeth. 84White teeth give a younger, healthier and cleaner appearance. Before going through a dental whitening and applying the whitening products there is a necessity for a deep oral cleaning, so that the whitening is much more effective and the teeth get whiter by a few shades.

Traditional whitening is done by applying a layer of whitening gel on the outer of the teeth and activating the gel with the help of a strong halogen light. Having a good oral hygiene routine as well as going through some occasional follow-ups allows to enjoy a white and shining smile or the years to come.

Dental whitening types at Sa Pobla Mallorca

We have other techniques for dental whitening, all effective in helping you get whiter teeth:

Sa Pobla Mallorca dental whitening with cold light, it is a treatment with light activation that is used to whiten discolored teeth. /p>

The light aided sessions can change the color of the teeth by three shades in one hour. This is thanks to the fact that the Sa Pobla Mallorca dental whitening with cold light acts directly on the activators in the treating gel, increasing the oxygen releasing capacity of that latter giving it whitening properties.

AMBULANT DENTAL WHITENING: Is the whitening that is done at the patient’s home by means of customized splints, tailor-made according to the shape and size of the teeth and mouth of each patient. A whitening gel is applied to these splints and for a few hours so that they can act on the teeth and so that the whitening effect is achieved.

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