Periodontal treatment

Sa Pobla Mallorca periodontics is the branch of dentistry that manages the prevention, diagnosis and treatments of the tissues that support the teeth. At first, some misbeliefs were always accompanying the subject, due to the ignorance of this periodontal disease and the Spanish scientific community. However, the periodontal diseases are very common in our society and in most cases they start with gingivitis that can be diagnosed by the redness and by the bleeding of the gums.

This initial pathology is reversible if the treatment such as Sa Pobla Mallorca periodontics is done appropriately and as early as possibe. If this infection is not treated it can evolve into any other form of periodontitis, the irreversible destruction of the teeth surrounding tissues. Furthermore, this periodontitis can worsen and cause pyorrhea or the loss of teeth. In a society that keeps extending its life expectancy and with greater knowledge about oral health care, one of the most prevalent diseases is still gingivitis.

Periodontics Sa Pobla Mallorca or periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis is a disease present in 58% of the population, we know how to cure it and consequently, how to maintain our patient’s teeth in their place and healthy. In addition to the treatment of periodontitis, Sa Pobla Mallorca periodontics carries other aesthetic treatments in relation to the gums such as receding gums, remodelling or gum enlargement since the gums play an essential role in dental aesthetics.

  • CURETTAGE AND ROOT PLANNING: Techniques that help eliminating the bacterial plaque. It can be done manually or with ultrasounds.
  • PERIODONTICS MAINTENANCE: In order to avoid the reappearance of periodontitis, the oral hygiene should be closely controlled and for such we recommend regular check-ups (every 6 months) with a specialist.


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