Professional Dental Cleaning

The dental cleaning at Sa Pobla Mallorca is the best way to prevent teeth infections and gums requiring regular tartar removal with ultrasound. Dental cleaning is the common name for what is called the «ultrasound dental prophylaxis» procedure.

Regular dental cleaning at Sa Pobla Mallorca is the best way for eliminating bacterial plaque and for tartar removal. Helping with the prevention of decay and periodontal disease. We should do periodic teeth cleaning depending on the quality of our teeth, our oral hygiene and on our diet, as a general norm, it should be done each 6 to 12 months.

Dental Cleaning How long does it last?

The sessions are of 30 minutes and are painless unless the patient suffers from periodontal infections, in which case the dentist might recommend curing the infection before carrying out the cleaning.

The main goal of dental cleaning Sa Pobla Mallorca is the elimination of tartar that is accumulated on the teeth and which is not possible to get rid of with the use of the hygienic techniques available at the patient’s household.

Advantages of Dental Cleaning at Sa Pobla Mallorca

  • Prevents oral diseases such as Decay/Cavities, Gingivitis or Periodontitis.
  • A good dental cleaning at Sa Pobla Mallorca eliminates bad breath.
  • A good dental cleaning removes stains caused by coffee, tobacco or certain foods.
  • Redues the inflammation and eliminates bleeding.
  • Dental cleaning reinforces the enamel thanks to the application of Fluorine.
  • With the dental cleaning we eliminate tartar and dirt.
  • Dental cleaning reaches places that the patient couldn’t reach in his daily hygienic routines.

Dental cleaning at Sa Pobla Mallorca is a safe and sure technique, meant to be carried out by dental hygienic specialists. When done correctly using the appropriate tools and products it does not harm the tooth enamel, even if done as frequently as every four or six months, depending on the needs of each patient.


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